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Northwest Music Experience Finalists Announced

Northwest Music Experience Finalists Announced

As part of the annual Songwriters in Seattle Summer BBQ, we are giving awards under the Northwest Music Experience event name. More information at – here are the results:

Congratulations to our finalists and a huge thank you to everyone who submitted a song and participated! The quality and variety of the 240 entries we received was so good it was extremely difficult for our panel of NWME and Songwriters in Seattle leaders to get to 5 finalists per category. There easily could have been others here, but ultimately we had to make some choices, so don’t be disheartened if you entered but didn’t make the list this time. Please note that the criteria was focused on songwriting and creativity, as well as performance talent and originality, not production quality. As we also are not a popularity contest, the finalists now go to over 100 invited judges to help determine winners for each category. See the official rules for more details on the whole process.

Over $1,000 in locally donated prizes for potential category winners include:
– 10 hours recording/mixing with Stephen Sherrard at DBAR Productions
– A Fat Head BE ribbon microphone from Cascade Microphones
– A Tascam DP-2 Digital Portastudio with case and tutorial DVD
– Gift certificates to local music stores

The full list of finalists *in no particular order:

1. Category: Classic/Alt Rock
Resilience – written by Julia Vidal, performed by The Salt Riot
Crying Shame – written by Regan L. Barger, performed by Strangely Alright
I Wish My Baby Was Born – performed by East Coast Dave
Get Some Love – written by Jeff Hamel and Aaron Arnold, performed by SweetKiss Momma
Talk About It Later – written by Elsa Faith and Marty Mitchell, performed by Soul Distraction

2. Category: Blues
Dirty – written by Scott Concinnity, performed by Letters From Traffic
The Sun Will Rise – written by Jus’Tina, performed by Jus’Tina, Wayne Ah Chan, Laurence Gouveia, Eric Robert, and Gary St. Martin
That’s The Truth – written by Roo Forrest, performed by Roo, Cody Rahn, Patrick McDanel, and Hans Tueber
Always Be The Blues – written by Mark Whitman, performed by The Mark Whitman Band
Trouble Leave Me Alone – written and performed by Pete Tomack

3. Category: World Music
EuroTribal – written and performed by Daniel Connolly
Somewhere Under the Sun – written and performed by Leslie vanWinkle
True Blue – written and performed by Ann Stockdale
Perpetual Leader – written by Blake Noble, performed by Blake Noble, Tim Snider, and Isaac Castillo
Waiting For Your Love – written and performed by Claire Johnson

4. Category: Folk/Americana
Used Bike – written by Jean Mann, performed by Jean Mann, Wayne Horvitz, Tom Dziekonski, Virginia Dziekonski, and Matt Hopper
Ready For The Dark – written by Larry Murante, performed by Larry Murante and Kevin Jones
Comfort in Your Strangeness – written and performed by Cynthia Alexander
California Dreams – written and performed by Bill Alsept
Julie – written by Jasper Tollefson, Joseph Gustav, and John Scott, performed by Jasper T. and John Crown

5. Category: Hip Hop/R&B
Woman of My Dreams – written by J.R. Rhodes, performed by J.R. Rhodes, Eyvind Kand, Brad Houser, Mike Dillon, Kym Tuvim, Willow, and Sarah Keenan
Journey My Mind – written and performed by Jai.P
Evolution of Poetic Suede – written by Poetic Suede, performed by Poetic Suede feat. Trel Fitted
Finish What I Start – written by Hands of Vengeance, performed by Consise, Verse, and Kreed
Keep Going – written and performed by Sheldon Botler

6. Category: Heavy Rock
Secret Handshake – written by Christina Cramer, performed by Christina Cramer, Brad Judy, Rich Huston, and Dave Crossett
Beware of Love – written by Terry Pelton, performed by Excuse You
Shadows and Dust – written and performed by Mechanism
Take Me Home – written by Ginine Mizerski and Randy Campbell, performed by Ginine Mizerski, Randy Campbell, and Mike Well
Welcome To No One – written and performed by In The Between

7. Category: Pop/Light Rock
Pretty Bird – written by Sammy Witness, performed by Sammy Witness, Jason Dunn, Brandon Erdos, and John Ducharme
The Calling – written by Andrea Lockwood and Charles Wilson, performed by Stained By A Killer
Up – written and performed by Gary Milici
The Way It Seemed – written and performed by Sophia Duccini
Trait & Trace – written and performed by Jerry Val

8. Category: Country
Mean Mother Trucker – written and performed by Larry Schacher
Diamond Rings – written by Alden Witt and Benjamin Johnston, performed by Alden Witt and Steffi Jeraldo
Chasing the Fire Alarms – written and performed by Bruce Hunt
I’ve Fallen In Love and I Can’t Get Up – written by Griffin James, performed by Griffin James and Corey Mage
Sweet Lucille – written by Susan Elliott, performed by Susan Elliott, Richard Askew, Lauren Vanderhoof, and Ash Devine

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