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Don’t Forget That You Are An Artist!

25 May Posted by in Blog | Comments
Don’t Forget That You Are An Artist!

We don’t often talk about this in Songwriters in Seattle but let me remind you… songwriting is an art form, and you are an artist. This is an essential truth about songwriting.

So I would recommend that you don’t be too hung up on writing your songs “correctly”. In much the same way as a visual artist can play with shape and form and structure so can you!  Remember that your art form is to form a connection or to convey a message to your audience. The beauty of music is that you can convey a deep emotional meaning in your songs.

I have personally found songwriting my most satisfying form of expression. When people ask me how I write a song I often refer to a song like a sculpture. The song in its infancy has an inherent form and shape. The artist hears it and appreciates it for its beauty. That form is then worked on, smoothed and perfected into a final form which is often more complex and more beautiful than its original form. However, you can overwork a song so beware! As an artist it’s your responsibility to bring your song forward in its most gorgeous form.

When you’re done you can present it to the world in its entirety much like hanging a masterpiece in a gallery. But your masterpiece! In our SIS showcase gallery…

I have been very fortunate to be able to witness all the varied talents that SIS brings forth. It always amazes me how many talented people we have in our midst with many more artists yet to come forth. Don’t try to copy others. Your voice is unique and appreciated.

Don’t forget… You are an artist!


Todd Christoffel
Todd has been with SiS since it’s earliest inception. He’s been writing songs most of his life and has an amazing lack of stage fright. He lives in Seattle and fronts the musical group “Don’t Ask.”

Learn more about Todd at

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