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Meet the Host: Saral Navlakha

30 Jul Posted by in Blog | Comments
Meet the Host: Saral Navlakha

Saral Navlakha is launching a new recurring event on our calendar, so we decided to interview him and share with you why he is taking this on.

To begin, Saral, tell us a little about your music.

“My name is Saral and I am primarily a singer these days. I joined Songwriters in Seattle several years ago and was impressed by the caliber of musicians and the sense of community engendered by the group. However, after being in a few traditional rock bands, I took a multi-year hiatus from SiS to explore new genres and find a fresh musical direction that allows me to express myself in more dynamic ways. For the last two years, I have been taking voice lessons and playing with different sounds. A few months ago, I finally found a style that felt right: experimental electronic music! I like this space because it allows me to incorporate operatic, contemporary, and avant garde vocal approaches. Artists that currently inspire me include Zola Jesus, Nostalghia, ANOHNI, Chelsea Wolfe, Sigur Rós, and Björk.”

And now you are back to Songwriters in Seattle?

“Yes, that is exactly right. Though I have studied and played many different genres, I want to dive deeper into electronic music. Consequently, I decided to reengage with SiS a few weeks ago with the goals of meeting, learning from, and collaborating with artists with similar interests. After talking to a few active SiS members, I realized I could meet these goals by creating my own event.”

“Inspired by the existing SiS feedback events, Electronic Song Share will bring together artists working in any electronic genre for the purpose of sharing original songs and receiving feedback. The idea is to go around the room and spend approximately 15 minutes listening to and constructively discussing each song. Each individual may request feedback on specific song elements such as mix/production, song structure, instrumentation, vocals, et cetera. The beauty of this event is that everyone learns from everyone’s songs!

You mentioned that this was inspired by an existing SiS feedback event. Do you plan to remain involved in these other events as well as hosting your own?

“Absolutely! I see Electronic Song Share as a complement to existing SiS events. Given the genre I am working in, one of my core challenges is writing songs that are experimental while remaining accessible. Receiving feedback from diverse groups is a great way to overcome this challenge. Not to mention that both giving and receiving feedback is fun, exciting, and educational!”

Well said, Saral, is there anything else you’d like to say to prospective attendees?

“I hope to see you at the event!”


Check out the official event page and RSVP now before all the slots are full.

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