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The Courage To Be An Artist

01 Oct Posted by in Blog | Comments
The Courage To Be An Artist

How many of us struggle to be completely free of self incrimination as we forge our own paths as writers and song artists?

Speaking for myself, and for others I know, continuing the process of writing and learning is a key element to growing our deeper artistic selves, that marvelous thing we feel compelled to do. Yet, simultaneously, we put ourselves out there again and again wondering if we’ve got it ‘right’, if our message is getting across, taking a win here, a loss there, perhaps finding a sweet spot in the hearts of our audience. Everything we can take in to help us in this process, is exactly what the Songwriters in Seattle Learning Series is all about.

On October 8, 2017, Songwriters in Seattle will be presenting a special Learning Series Workshop featuring Freebo. If you’re similar in age to yours truly, you’ll recognize his name as having played, recorded, and toured with folks such as Bonnie Raitt, Crosby Stills & Nash, Neil Young, and many other artists we know and love. And he’s a well known folk songwriter in his own right, being recognized as Best Folk Artist of 2007 by the Los Angeles Music Awards. Why, he’s even appeared on The Muppet Show; a claim to fame that’s amazing all on its own.

This hybrid workshop will cover various topics of songwriting, arrangement, and performance. He provides specific tools and hints, all within the context of honoring your own special gifts as a writer. As he explains, “In a world of judgement and criticism, we are filled with the voices of others telling us how to be. In this workshop, I help you to find your own voice, figuratively and literally.”

He’ll have you play a verse and a chorus of your song, show you what’s working, what’s not working, and will suggest helpful ideas on how to make your song better without changing its inherent essence. He may suggest ideas to use alternative chords, solidify the structure, address stage fright, preparation, tools, timing, and pace. How do you communicate and reach your audience? You become one with them!

To get a better sense, here’s some great feedback from other artists who’ve attended Freebo’s Song Doctor workshops:

“The Sunday workshop transcended something therapeutic, it became a spiritual journey for me. I have never attended a songwriters workshop that has induced such interpersonal and introspective reflections encouraging each of us to acknowledge and honor one’s creative self.”
Phillip Beasley
Memphis Songwriters Association

“First of all, I want to say, what a marvelous experience I had. I love the casual feeling and openness you created for us. Telling your story up front opened the door for all of us to walk in and safely share ours. Talking about creative oppressors really encouraged us to put aside our egos and focus on the song!”
Bob Bost

So I hope as many of our members as possible take advantage of this great learning experience. RSVP on the meetup event page now and save your spot.

Seating is limited!

Audrey Goodman
Audrey Goodman has taught music to kids since 1985. She is an experienced private piano teacher, innovative classroom music educator, musical theater and children’s choir director. A published songwriter, (Mother Mode Music ASCAP) she is also Founder of ‘Seattle Kid’s Music Magic’, a clearinghouse on information for teaching music to children in innovative and effective ways.
In addition to all that, Audrey sits on the board of Songwriters in Seattle, sharing her expertise to help guide the organization to ever greater accomplishments.

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