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Music Biz Docs

Every month, Songwriters in Seattle hosts multiple music business-focused meetings where we discuss various elements of the business challenges that face independent musicians. From promotions and branding to online presence and social media to publishing and licensing to financing and taxes, we tackle it all. Here is a collection of documents we have referenced or otherwise relate to what we have discussed in some of our meetings:

Meeting Notes

10-19-2011 BizWorkshop by Jennifer Cadence
9-20-2011 BizWorkshop by Jennifer Cadence
8-17-2011 BizWorkshop by Jennifer Cadence

Supporting Docs

Your Successful CD Release by Peter Spellman and Dave Cool
Get People Interested In Your Band.doc from Home Recording Enthusiast
The Musician’s Guide to Social Media Success by Ariel Hyatt
Countdown to Maximum Exposure by Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan presented by CDBaby and
The Five “C’s” notes from a conference call by Cari Cole
Getting Radio Airplay by CDBaby
Songwriting Labs – Lyric Writing Checklist by @RavenousRaven at
Making Money: A Musician’s Guide to Creating Multiple Streams of Income by Ariel Hyatt and Randy Chertkow
Here are 7 things all small business owners can learn from Lady Gaga from

Recommended Reading

Click on the link below to go to our regularly updated recommended reading list. There are lots of great books for independent musicians – let us know if you have a favorite to add to the list!

SiS Recommended Reading List

Comprehensive Music Website Guide

As most indie musicians are well aware of, there are a ton of music related websites on the internet. It takes an equal ton of time to sort through them and try to decide which are worth your time and/or money to sign up, put in your profile, upload your music, and manage over the longterm. This spreadsheet is a WIP that needs lots of help in filling out. Please feel free to download the spreadsheet, add your own notes, and send the updated file to

Music Website List WIP

Indie To Do Guide

There was an attempt within SiS at one point to put together a step by step “how to” guide that would act as a checklist to success and provide concrete direction for the indie musician. This set of linked docs should be considered WIP and needs considerable work to bring it up to date and make it functional on any reasonable level. Please download it if you are interested in tackling this project or are otherwise curious about the available content. Feel free to send an e-mail to for more info about this concept.

Indie To Do Guide WIP